ESC 1995 (52nd Meeting Toronto ON)

Front matter 

01 D.K. Hall, J.L. Foster, A.T.C. Chang, K.S. Brown, G.A. Riggs. Mapping snow cover during the BOREAS winter experiment.

02 F. Seglenieks, S. Dyke, E.D. Soulis, N. Kouwen. Determination of snowcovered area using ERS-1 C-VV SAR imagery on two small test sites in southern Ontario.

03 D. Pliant. SSM/I time series observations of Great Lakes ice and snow.

04 R.E. Davis, J.C. McKenzie, R.E. Jordan. Distributed snow process modeling: An image processing approach.

05 R.E. Houck, J.S. Waldstreicher, J.M. Hassett, P.F. Blottman. Preliminary investigation of WSR-88D data for winter hydrometeorological events in Upstate New York.

06 M.-K. Woo, A. Walker, D. Yang, B. Goodison. Pixel-scale ground snow survey for passive microwave study of the Arctic snow cover.

07 D. Pierson, J.W. Kick. Use of a GIS to develop a stratified snow survey in a mountainous agricultural landscape.

08 R.D. Brown. Spatial and temporal variability of North American snow cover, 1971-1992.

09 S. Taylor, G. Koh, R.E. Davis, D.J. Fisk. Bidirectional reflectance measurements of two snow types.

10 J.H. Lever, R.B. Haehnel. Scaling snowdrift development rate.

11 D. Yang, B.E. Goodison, J.R. Metcalfe, V.S. Golubev, E.Elomaa, T. Gunther, R.E. Bates, T. Pangburn, C.L. Hanson, D. Emerson, V. Copaciu, J. Mikovic. Accuracy of Tretyakov precipitation gauge: Result of WMO intercomparison.

12 H.A. Baker, C.J. Williams. Cost-effective snow fence usage - D.I.M.E.

13 J.A. White, D. Frere. Wastewater treatment through atomizing freeze-crystallization.

14 W. Dunn, H. Brinkhof, W.M. Miner. Field trials evaluating prewetting salt with liquid calcium chloride for snow and ice control on urban streets.

15 T. Townshend. Developments in airport ice control chemicals.

16 R.B. Haehnel, C.H. Clark. Preliminary study of melting snow and river ice by dusting using leaf mulch.

17 J.H. Lever and K. Nislow. River ice control and fish habitat restoration: Mutual interests and benefits.

18 R.M. Chisholm. Snowpack study in school.

19 P.M. Wolfe, M.C. English. Hydrometeorological relationships in a glacierized catchment in the Canadian High Arctic.

20 D.N. Collins. Dissolution kinetics, transit times through subglacial hydrological pathways and diurnal variations of solute content of meltwaters draining from an Alpine glacier.

21 R.A. MacLean, M.C. English, S.L. Schiff. The hydrological and hydrochemical response of a small Canadian Shield catchment to late winter rain-on-snow events.

22 W.P. Adams, J.G. Cogley, M.A. Ecclestone. The equilibrium zone on polar glaciers.

23 R.A. Melloh, P.M. Crill. Winter methane dynamics beneath ice and in snow in a temperate poor fen.

24 D.M. Daly. Nitrate transport in snowmelt in the Green Mountains, northern Vermont.

25 J.P. Hardy and M.R. Albert. Snow-induced thermal variations around a single conifer tree.

26 R.A. Metcalfe, J.M. Buttle. Controls of canopy structure on snowmelt rates in the Boreal forest.

27 J.H. Cragin. Exclusion of sodium chloride from ice during freezing.

Sno-Foo Award