The Eastern Snow Conference annually bestows upon a distinguished snow scientist who, in striving for excellence in snow research, contributes to an event of notable humour the highly coveted Sno-Foo Award.

2019 Alexandre Roy (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)

2018 Alexandre Langlois (Université de Sherbrooke)

2017 Michael Durand (The Ohio State University)

2016 Roger de Roo (University of Michigan)

2015 Kevin Coté (Universite de Sherbrooke)

2014 Dorothy Hall (NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre)

2013 Benoit Monpetit (Universite de Sherbrooke)

2012 Don Pierson (New York City Department of Environment)

2011 Ken Rancourt (Mt. Washington Observatory)

2010 Kevin Kang (University of Waterloo)

2009 Robert Hellstrom (Bridgewater College)

2008 Steven Fassnacht (University of Colorado, Boulder)

2007 Jimmy McDonald et al. (University of Saskatchewan)

2006 Andrew Klein (Texas A&M University)

2005 Claude Duguay (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)

2004 Chris Derksen (Meteorological Service of Canada)

2003 Miles Ecclestone (Trent University)

2002 Danny Marks (United States Department of Argriculture)

2001 Brenda Toth (University of Saskatchewan)

2000 Mauri Pelto (Nichols College)

1999 Ross Brown (Meteorological Service of Canada)

1998 Mary Albert (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory)

1997 Jean Stein (Université de Laval)

1996 Colin Taylor (Trent University)

1995 Mike Demuth (National Hydrology Research Institute, Canada)

1994 Bert Davis (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) 

1993 John Pomeroy (National Hydrology Research Institute, Canada)

1992 Tom Niziol (National Weather Service, Buffalo)

1991 Terry Prowse (National Hydrology Research Institute, Canada)

1990 Kersi Davar (University of New Brunswick)

1989 Gerry Jones (Institut National de la Researche Scientifique-EAU)

1988 Robert Sykes State (University of New York, Syracuse) 

1987 John Metcalfe (Meteorological Service of Canada)

1986 Peter Adams (Trent University)

1985 Don Wiesnet (National Weather Service, Minneapolis)

1984 Barry Goodison (Meteorological Service of Canada)