The Campbell Scientific Canada Prize is awarded to student research showing the most innovative use of technology in the gathering of data.

2019 Alex Mavrovic (Université de Sherbrooke)

2018 Not awarded

2017 Abigail Dalton (University of Ottawa)

2016 Not awarded

2015 Not awarded

2014 Aaron Campbell (University of Waterloo)

2013 Not Awarded

2012 Andrew Kasurak (University of Waterloo)

2011 Mathieu Beaulieu (University of British Columbia)

2010 Not Awarded

2009 Not Awarded

2008 Nicholas Kinar (University of Saskatchewan)

2007 Gro Lilbaek (University of Saskatchewan)

2006 Gernot Koboltschnig (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria)

2005 Warren Helgason (University of Saskatchewan)