ESC 1999 (56th Meeting Fredericton nb)

 Front matter

01 D.G. Barber, J. Hansiak. Integration of remote sensing measurements and numerical modelling of snow on sea ice.

02 J.S. Barton, D.K. Hall, O. Sigursson, R.S. Williams Jr., L.C. Smith, J.B. Garvin. Calculation and error analysis of a digital elevation model of Hofsjökull, Iceland, from SAR interferometry.

03 M. Bernier, J.-P. Fortin, Y. Gauthier, R. Gauthier, R. Roy, P. Vincent. Pre-operational determination of snow water equivalent (SWE) using RADARSAT data.

04 S. Brettschneider, M. Farzaneh, K.D. Srivastava, S.Y. Li. Study of ice surface breakdown using ultra-high speed photography.

05 D. de Sève, M. Bernier, J.-P. Fortin, A. Walker. Analysis of microwave radiometry of snow cover with SSM/I data in a taïga area: The case of James Bay area (Québec).

06 D. Drai, C.R. Duguay, F. Pivot. Use of georadar in support of satellite remote sensing investigations of lake ice cover.

07 C.R. Duguay, Y. Ernou, J. Hawkings. SAR and optical satellite observations of ice-covered thermokarst lakes, Old Crow Flats, Yukon Territory.

08 C.R. Duguay, P.M. Lafleur. Determining depth and ice thickness of shallow subarctic lakes and ponds using spaceborne optical and SAR data.

09 C.R. Duguay, T.J. Pulz, D. Drai, P.M. Lafleur. Spatial and temporal variations in RADARSAT backscatter from subarctic lake ice (Churchill, Manitoba).

10 S.R. Fassnacht, E.D. Soulis, N. Kouwen. Algorithm application to improve weather radar snowfall estimates for winter hydrologic modelling.

11 D.K. Hall, A.B. Tait, J.L. Foster, A.T.C. Chang, M. Allen. Comparison of snow-cover maps derived from multiple satellite data sets.

12 J.A. Hollingsworth, J.L. Adolphson. The integration of digital GOES-8 satellite imagery with observational and prognostic datasets during the winter storm of January 1999.

13 A.G. Klein, D.K. Hall. Snow albedo determination using the NASA MODIS instrument.

14 G.A. Riggs, D.K. Hall. What’s in the MODIS snow data products?

15 P. Romanov, I.N. Csiszar, G. Gutman. Towards automated multispectral snow mapping.

16 J. Smyth, K. Goita. Statistical analysis of the impact of temperature and vegetation cover on snow water equivalent using SSM/I data over New Brunswick and southern Québec.

17 J.A. Cole. Wind shield evaluation at NCAR/Marshall test site in Boulder, Colorado, during 1998-1999 winter.

18 S.R. Fassnacht, J. Innes, N. Kouwen, E.D. Soulis. The specific surface area of fresh dendrite snow crystals.

19 G. Fortin, H. Granberg, J.-M. Dubois. Snow monitoring at the Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick (1974-1998).

20 S. Hartley. Atlantic sea surface temperatures and winter snowfall along the southern margin of the eastern United States snowbelt.

21 R.R. Heim Jr., J.R. Angel. Urbana, Illinois: 20th century snowfall variations and non-climatic influences.

22 R.R. Heim Jr., R.J. Leffler. Cooperative station snow climatologies.

23 E. Mekis, X. Zhang. Computation of Canadian gridded snowfall based on rehabilitated station data.

24 P.B. Roohr, T.H. Vonder Haar. An analysis of the incorporation of lightning into the nowcasting of enhanced frozen precipitation.

25 M. Albert, G. Koh, F. Perron. Preferential melt pathways in a natural snow pack.

26 N.S. Cajina, K.L. Brubaker, A. Rango. Implementing the snowmelt runoff model in the USGS Modular Modeling System.

27 D.N. Collins. Solute fluxes in meltwaters draining from a glacierised basin in the Karakoram Mountains.

28 C. Derksen, E. LeDrew, A. Walker, B. Goodison. Associations between the principal spatial modes of North American prairie snow water equivalent and low-frequency atmospheric circulation.

29 J.P. Hardy, R. Jordan, P. Groffman, S. Nolin, T. Fahey, C. Driscoll. Snow depth and soil frost modeling in a northern hardwood forest.

30 R.A. Hellstrom. Representation of forest cover in a physically based snowmelt model, phase I.

31 H.G. Jones, J.W. Pomeroy, T.D. Davies, M. Tranter, P. Marsh. CO2 in Arctic snow covers: Landscape form, in-pack gas concentration gradients, and the implications for the estimation of gaseous fluxes.

32 C. Martin, W. Richards. Snow cover climate of the maritime provinces of Canada.

33 J. Pomeroy, R. Essery. Turbulent fluxes during blowing snow: Field tests of model sublimation.

34 P. Tang, R. Price, M. Howe. The Saint John River Forecast System - an integrated approach.

35 S. Taylor, X. Feng, R. Osterhuber, J.W. Kirchner, B. Klaue, C. Renshaw. The isotopic evolution of snow and its melt.

Sno-Foo Award