ESC 2017 (74th Meeting ottawa on)

Front matter

01 C. Dolant, A. Langlois, L. Brucker, A. Royer, A. Roy, B. Montpetit. Meteorological inventory of rain-on-snow events and detection
assessment in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago using passive microwave radiometry.

02 A. Dalton, L. Copland. Tracking changes in iceberg calving events and characteristics from Trinity and Wykeham Glaciers, SE Ellesmere Island, Canada.

03 E. Ryan, L. Brucker, B.A. Forman. Sensitivity of Advanced Microwave Scanner Radiometer (AMSR-E) based snow water equivalent (SWE) retrievals to rain-on-snow (ROS) events in polar regions.

04 R. De Roo, E. Haengel, S. Rogacki, C. Ekins, S. Mousavi. Inexpensive in-situ snow pack sensors for temperature, density, and grain size: A first look at the first season.

05 J. Zhu, S. Tan, J. King, C. Derksen, C. Xiong, J. Lemmetyinen, L. Tsang. Validation of physical model and dual-frequency radar retrieval algorithm using SnowSAR data.

06 N. Chen, W. Li, T. Tanikawa, M. Hori, R. Shimada, K. Stamnes. Cloud detection in mixed-snow-vegetation areas using machine learning.

07 M.A. Eck, L.B. Perry. Snowfall variability and change in the southern Appalachian Mountains, 1910-2017.

08 D.K. Hall, N.E. DiGirolamo, A. Frei. Contribution of lake-effect snow to the Catskill Mountains snowpack.

09 G. Riggs, D.K. Hall, M.O. Román. NASA Suomi-NPP VIIRS snow cover data products.

10 K.J. Chutko, A.L. James, B. Germain. A summary of snow research activities involving undergraduate student volunteers at Nipissing University.

Sno-Foo Award