ESC 2016 (73rd Meeting Columbus OH)

Front matter

01 S. Mousavi, R. De Roo, K. Sarabandi, A.W. England. Elevation angular dependence of Wideband Autocorrelation Radiometric (WiBAR) remote sensing of dry snowpack and lake icepack.

02 O. Wigmore, B. Mark. UAV mapping of debris covered glacier change, Llaca Glacier, Cordillera Blanca, Peru.

03 M. Girotto, S.A. Margulis, G. Cortés, L.S. Huning, D. Li, M. Durand. A Landsat-era (1985-2015) Sierra Nevada (USA) snow reanalysis dataset.

04 L. Tsang, S. Tan, J. Zhu, X. Xu. Snow microstructure characterization and numerical simulation of Maxwell’s Equation in 3D applied to snow microwave remote sensing.

05 W.P. Adams, M.A. Ecclestone, S. Gardiner. A pictorial history of polar science and technology, and glacier change, in Canada, from Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada.

06 J.S.M. Coleman, R.M. Schwartz. An updated U.S. blizzard climatology: 1959-2014.

07 K.A. Cartwright, N.R. Parsons, C. Hopkinson. Terrain characteristic influence on snow accumulation and persistence: Case study.

08 N.R. Parsons, C. Hopkinson. The development of an in-situ light emitting diode detection and ranging technology for monitoring snow depth and snow surface topography.

09 K.J. Chutko, A.L. James. Seasonal and interannual varibility in snow and streamflow d18O.

10 Y. Duan, M. Durand, K. Jezek, C. Yardim, A. Bringer, M. Aksoy, J. Johnson. A Bayesian retrieval of Greenland Ice Sheet internal temperature from ultra-wideband software-defined microwave radiometer (UWBRAD) measurements.

11 J. Feiccabrino. Observation of the effects cloud base height and precipitation rate have on the phase of precipitation in near freezing surface temperatures.

12 J.P. Kirk, T.W. Schmidlin. Defining large precipitation events in the Upper Colorado River basin and the contributions to Lake Powell inflow.

13 A. Thompson, R. Kelly, P. Marsh. Spatial variability of snow at Trail Valley Creek, NWT.

14 R. Solberg, Ø. Rudjord, A.-B. Salberg, Ø. Due Trier, G. Stancalie, A. Diamandi, A. Irimescu. Single- and multi-sensor snow wetness mapping by Sentinel-1 and MODIS data.

15 S. Tuttle, E. Cho, C. Vuyovich, C. Olheiser, J.M. Jacobs. Comparison and AMSR-E satellite passive microwave and airborne gamma radiation survey snow water equivalent estimates, with and without filtering AMSR-E for wet snow.

16 L. Wang, P. Toose, R. Brown, C. Derksen. Northern Hemisphere winter thaw events from reanalysis and passive microwave satellite data.

Sno-Foo Award