ESC 2011 (68th meeting montreal qc)

Front matter

01 K.A. Semmens, J.M. Ramage. Investigating correlations between snowmelt and forest fires in a high latitude snowmelt dominated drainage basin.

02 N.J. Casson, M.C. Eimers, S.A. Watmough. Climatic controls on the dissolved organic carbon and nitrate export during spring snowmelt from forested catchments in south-central Ontario.

03 K.N. Musselman, N.P. Molotch, S.A. Margulis. The use of detailed forest structure to explain plot scale snowmelt patterns in a conifer forest: Improving physically based model representation of sub-canopy hydrometeorology.

04 A. Kasurak, R. Kelly, J. King. A simple in situ sensor for snow grain size measurement.

05 A. Beaulieu, H. Schreier. A shifting hydrological regime: A field investigation of snowmelt runoff processes and their connection summer baseflow, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

06 M. Pelto and C. Brown. Mass balance loss of Mount Baker, Washington, glaciers 1990-2010.

07 D. Winski, K. Kreutz, E. Osterberg, S. Campbell, C. Wake. Effects of melt of snowpack stratigraphy and chemistry on the Kahlitna Glacier, Central Alaska Range.

08 K.A. Luus, R.E.J. Kelly, J.C. Lin, E.R. Humphreys, P. Lafleur. Influence of snow cover area on net ecosystem exchange during snowmelt at Daring Lake, NWT.

09 B. Turcotte, B. Morse, F. Anctil. Observed impacts of precipitation on the cryologic regime of stream channels.

10 S. Belatos, P. Tang, R. Rowsell. Ice jam modelling and field data collection for flood forecasting in the Saint John River, New Brunswick.

11 J.M. Ramage, K.A. Semmens. Reconstructing snowmelt runoff in the Yukon River basin using the SWEHydro model and AMSR-E observations.

12 E. Jabot, I. Zin, T. Lebel, A. Gautheron, C. Obled. Spatial interpolation of sub-daily air temperatures for improving snow and hydrological forecasts on Alpine catchments.

13 G. Riggs, D. Hall. MODIS snow cover algorithms and products - improvements for Collection 6.

14 B. Montpetit, A. Royer, A. Langlois, M. Chum, P. Cliche, A. Roy, N. Champollion, G. Picard, F. Domine, R. Obbard. In-situ measurements for snow grain size and shape characterization using optical methods.

15 R. Fortier. GIS of snow cover in James Bay (Canada).

16 R. Brown, B. Brasnett. The Canadian Meteorological Centre global daily snow depth analysis, 1998-2011: Overview, experience and applications.

17 B.H. Ramsay. “Business as usual or alternative strategies”.

18 D. Dixon, S. Boon. Comparison of the SnowHydro snow sampler with existing snow tube designs in southwestern Alberta, Canada.

19 J. Toupin. Winter, snow and cold in the life of the Westviking.

Sno-Foo Award