ESC 1994 (51ST Meeting DEARBORN MI)

Front matter

01 R.D. Brown, B.E. Goodison. The sensitivity of the Arctic climate system to snowfall: Evidence from the Canadian High Arctic.

02 G.E. Mann. Diagnosing the impacts of the Great Lakes on an Alberta Clipper.

03 M.A. Ecclestone, J.G. Cogley, W.P. Adams. The 30-year mass balance of a High Arctic glacier: Perspectives from the White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, NWT, Canada.

04 M.G. Ferrick, N.D. Mulherin, D.J. Calkins. Analysis of the winter low-flow balance of the semi-arid White River, Nebraska and South Dakota.

05 D.J. Holtschlag. Computation of ice-affected streamflow by use of simulation modeling and error integration.

06 S. Taylor, C. Racine, C. Collins. Ice formation in an Alaskan estuarine salt marsh.

07 N.C. Grody, A.N. Basist. Snowcover identification using the Special Sensor Microwave Imager.

08 B.L. Gwilliam. Local and regional estimation of snow using SNOTEL.

09 V.K. Jones. A commentary on the pitfalls of cleaning snow data.

10 K. Shook, D.M. Gray. Determining the snow water equivalent of shallow prairie snowcovers.

11 P.J. Sousounis, G.E. Mann. A case study of Great Lakes aggregate effects on lake-effect snow in Michigan.

12 D.D. Brammer, V.A. Brown, R.E. Houck, C. Kendall, J.J. McDonnell, A.C. Titus. Effect of cover type on snow type on snow isotopic composition.

13 A.W. Hogan, D.C. Leggett. Organic chemical permeation and storage in seasonal snow.

14 C.C. Ryerson, K.J. Claffey, G.E. Lemieux. Surface hoarfrost measurement and climatology.

15 L. Peck. Temporal and spatial variability of winter thermal background scenes.

16 R.E. Davis, K. Elder. Management and data analysis of weather and avalanche records: Recent directions and perspectives with case studies.

17 M.S. Perchanok. Reduction of winter driving hazards: A review of research and development in Ontario.

18 L. Sartor, G.M. Courtin. Snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) roosting sites: A strategy for nighttime survival in winter.

19 R.L.M. Robitaille, G.M. Courtin. Winter nesting behaviour in meadow voles, Microtus Pennsylvanicus.

Sno-Foo Award